Who We Are

The Owner

Kallura’s Kiss By Kesha is owned by Kakesha better known as Kesha hence the name. She loves the cosmetic industry and natural beauty products in general. Kesha is an educated risk and compliance business professional, certified organic skincare formulator, deep researcher, entrepreneur, freelance writer, published young adult fiction author, and most important a loving mom. She enjoys writing, gardening, traveling, and believes putting God first and loving yourself is key. 


Our Beliefs and Mission 

We believe that beauty products are made to accentuate your natural look and should reflect self confidence that shines outward. Our beauty tools as we call them include carefully chosen pieces that can be worn everyday, anywhere, crafted with exceptional quality and immensely affordable. Beauty tools shoulder never over power or overwhelm your genuine loveliness, but work in tandem to allow you to express yourself! Welcome to our store Gorgeous.