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We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life – going to work, often feeding into the pressures of trying to be the best or just hit those darn workplace standards, some of us take the tentative steps into entrepreneurship, and living a drama free life. Does everything always fall into place? Do we always meet every single one of those goals? Sometimes we do not. No matter what happens you are told you must get back up again and clearly you do because you are on this page reading this blog and wondering how this connects with the beauty products on this page.



Words To Live By


Simple words of wisdom we want to share. Beauty is subjective. Let’s repeat that – beauty is subjective. When you get up in the morning and you look in the mirror at yourself the reflection looking back at you is beautiful. The shape of your eyes, the arch of your brow, the regal setting of your nose and the curvature of your lips. Without foundation, concealer, lip gloss, lip stick and all those wonderful products to accentuate your eyes – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. It does not matter what society thinks or he-say she-say theoretical beauty standards out there.


When You Wear Makeup


Because honey, when you do put on foundation, concealer, lip gloss, lip stick and all those wonderful products to accentuate your eyes you look incredible because you took the time to choose the right shades to compliment your beauty, you studied every line of your face and found the products that showcased what is genetically yours – YOUR BEAUTY! You loved yourself without the extra fuss and stuff and didn't try to fit yourself onto some invisible self-erected beauty paradigm. So when you did choose to put on those beauty products you knew the products didn't define you because you defined the products.


At K-Kiss Brand Official we have handpicked collections of amazing products that we hope you will love. It's time to define your idea of beauty. Welcome to our store!




About the author:

Kesha is a risk and compliance business professional, entrepreneur, freelance writer, young adult fiction author, and most important a loving mom. She enjoys writing, gardening, traveling, and believes putting God first and loving yourself is key. 


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