Racing To Your Dreams: What Do You Do When the Dreams You Want Don’t Want You Back

Racing To Your Dreams: What Do You Do When the Dreams You Want Don’t Want You Back

Rags To Riches

Every day, week, month, and year dreams are pursued and achieved but many still go unrealized. You read and hear of countless stories where people chased their dreams, reached for the stars, and became successful. What you may not hear too often is that success may have taken its toll including near bankruptcy, attempt after failed attempt until one of those ideas struck gold, and long arduous years creating a pathway because all the other roads of opportunity were barred. In the past the “Rags to riches” phrase was quite common, but all the glitter and falsehoods that social media limelight’s can carry will often mask those stories and give the impression that intrepid dreamers just aren’t failing badly before finding success anymore. Illusions can often give a sense that overnight success is common, and one is practically one social-media-video-click away from millions of followers and monetization. So, what do you do when you have seemingly done everything you can to pursue your dreams and you dreams don’t want you back?


The Process

 At times we can become caught up in a great idea that we don’t take time to create a process. We jump right into what we think is best. Have you ever heard of a very old story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Basically, the Hare – an animal who moves very quickly with confidence and the Tortoise - whose super slow but steady embark on a race against each other. Laughable because it seems obvious from the start who is going to win. The Hare is so confident that he will win that he stops during the race and falls asleep. Eventually the Tortoise who is creeping along slow and determined surpasses the Hare and eventually wins the race. The moral of the story is that you can be successful just by doing things slowly and staying consistent. The first step after coming up with an idea is creating a process and take your time. Write down the reasons why this is a good idea, is there anyone else doing the same, conduct research on your competition, and understand what unique qualities you bring to the table simply because it’s YOU!



Creating a timetable to achieve your goal(s) is so important because without it you can set yourself up for unrealistic expectations. Never hit the ground running making assumptions about how quickly you can accomplish your goals. Have you ever searched major businesses and really read their brand story? You might be surprised at the length of time it took for some businesses to really get off the ground. In some instances – generations literally. Especially if you don’t have accumulated wealth, investors, or business loans from the start, your timetable may just span years. Don’t let that discourage you. Think of it from this perspective – if you spend years being the best employee you can be and fulfilling the mission in someone else’s business why would you not dedicate an equal amount of time and focus into your own?




One thing you must take into consideration is whether your dream is attainable. Is it reasonable, logical, and within your limits to achieve in your lifetime? Just how far and how long are you willing to go to ensure your dreams come true? The last thing you want to do is have an idea, pursue it for years, become burned out in the process, give up and never achieve it. As previously stated, it’s important to create a process, conduct research, and take your time! Think of what your obstacles are and how you can go around them and pave other avenues for yourself. What are the risks and what are the rewards? Not every idea is truly a good idea and may not even be attainable.


Determined Purpose


When we think of purpose so many thoughts come to mind, but one quality we observed from those who are successful is their determined purpose. Realizing and understanding your purpose and remaining solid in your determination is key. So many people may know what their purpose is and literally spend years running away from it, being shy of it, or tentatively stepping towards it. We recommend once you know your purpose to muster a daily dose of determination because you will absolutely need this to be successful.





About the author:

Kesha is a risk and compliance business professional, entrepreneur, freelance writer, young adult fiction author, and most important a loving mom. She enjoys writing, gardening, traveling, and believes putting God first and loving yourself is key. 

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